The Language Habit Toolkit

Get Fluent With Meaningful Goals and Your Personal Language Learning Routine

Do you ever...

...find yourself in a situation where you sit down after finally carving out time for learning that language...and you realise I don't even know how to get started!

...and then you start googling how to learn a language, you buy a bunch of textbooks, you sign up to random lessons, and it's all motivating for half a week before you start feeling deflated again?

With The Language Habit Toolkit, you are going to get the step-by-step information you need to turn your messy, unmotivated language learning bursts into a rewarding, organised, and systematic routine.

No matter if you're learning for business, for family, or just for the challenge, the Language Habit Toolkit will give you all the tools you need to make progress towards fluency...you'll be using the wonderful worksheets in less than 10 minutes, and get the results you'd have after years of working in a class.

"If you’re ready to start learning a language and make it a habit without changing your routine, this is the perfect tool to support you as you do so."

- Lindsay Williams, Founder of Lindsay Does Languages


Your Instructor

Kerstin Cable
Kerstin Cable

My name is Kerstin Cable, I'm a German native speaker and currently learning my 8th language. I have taught German, English and French to hundreds of people worldwide.

I was not a childhood ingenue who grew up in a bilingual household. In fact, I'm only the second person in my family who ever studied any foreign languages in school. My books Fluency Made Achievable and The Vocab Cookbook have helped hundreds of people develop their language learning style. Join me in the Fluent Language School today to take your learning to a deeper level and discover joyful, effective and fast techniques.

Class Curriculum

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"When I learn a language, there is always a moment when I feel frustrated because I wonder if what I’m doing is really paying off. The Language Habit Toolkit helps me stay motivated by offering me a clear vision of my progress. Using it makes studying much more fun because I know what I’m doing is actually useful and don’t just study hoping it will be worth it eventually.”

- Benjamin Houy, Founder of French Together

"Starting from what motivates you to learn the language, she helps you realize your specific and personal goals and how you can realistically achieve them. She then leads you through her well-thought tracking system for both tracking your study and progress. Finally, you learn how to review your study and readjust what’s not working."

- Danae Florou, Greek Language Teacher and Founder of Alpha Beta Greek

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this works?
This system is battle-tested on myself and an experienced bunch of language learners who gave me feedback as I was developing it. This system is the result of my many years of language study, my work as a language writer and educator, and insights from bright minds in the field such as Zóltan Dörnyei, Ema Ushioda, Gretchen Rubin, and more.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
But I've already bought language courses! Is this a waste of time?
The Language Habit Toolkit is not a language course. It is a unique set of goal setting, tracking and review tools that you can use immediately. I describe it as "systems-agnostic", meaning that you will be able to use these tools no matter which language you are learning, no matter which technique you choose to follow. In fact, if you track your activities through the Language Habit Toolkit, you will quickly enhance the courses you already have as you observe how you use them and which parts work best for you.
But I Haven't Got Time To Do More!
You know what? I totally get it. Setting your ambitious goals is scary. But I have seen language learners fail many times because they spent a lot of time "trying the next big thing" without noticing what worked for them. The Language Habit Toolkit is about optimizing your routine. It will save you so much time once you stop doing what doesn't work for you. In my experience, the goal setting component of the toolkit takes about 20 minutes once a month once you are all set up. The Habit Tracker worksheet is faster. It takes me less than 30 seconds on most days.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I stand by the Language Habit Toolkit as a winning system for any language learner who wants to take their routine further. If you find yourself hesitant to start or too busy to track for a few days, I would like you to keep going. Don't give up. So on this product, you will enjoy my full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, but I discourage you from getting a refund within the first 14 days of buying.

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