Hello and welcome to Focus & Fluency!!

My name is Kerstin, and I'm excited to have you here. I've been teaching languages to a global audience for many years, and I'm a passionate language learner myself. I am German and I've studied English, French, Welsh, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Luxembourgish, Latin - to varying levels of course.

This course is about psychology and language learning, with a special focus on creating a good language learning habit.

Focus & Fluency is divided into two main sections, and there is a bonus webinar for you to enjoy too.

Each section leads on from the previous one, so it's worth following the curriculum as it's presented.

And if you haven't checked out the Language Habit Toolkit already, do consider the principles of

  • Plan
  • Track
  • Review

and when you're ready, read more about the Toolkit here.

All right, so now it's time for focus & fluency.

Ready? Let's go!

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