Welcome to the Language Habit Toolkit

You probably know a lot of people who have told you that they would love to learn a language. They usually say something like “I have always wanted to learn Spanish” or “I really want to learn French”.

Now chances are that a lot of these people said that, but never found a way to make it real. They had a dream, but there was little action, no idea of where to start.

Chances are that you started like these people. You said “I would love to learn another language”. And then you stepped out from the crowd and you did something awesome:

You took action.

Perhaps you started by buying a course, attending a class, or watching videos on YouTube. In fact, you are taking action right now by starting to use the Language Habit Toolkit.

Whatever brought you here, I want to take a second to give you a warm welcome and say thank you to you for joining the Language Habit Toolkit.

I am glad you are here. 😊

This is your own story of success and achievement, and the tools provided in this Toolkit will help you stay organised, productive, and successful.

The Language Habit Toolkit is not a strict manual for success, and it does not describe the one true way to fluency in another language. Instead, it is a system, a set of tools, built on what I call the Language Habit Formula:

  1. Plan
  2. Track
  3. Review
  4. Build on the four Core Skills
  5. Sprinkle with a dose of individuality

Throughout the course and the Language Habit Handbook, you will learn how to make small changes to incorporate this simple formula into your life so you can truly meet all your language learning goals.